Terms of Service

For zechdz.com:

This is a website for the ZechDZ racing team and ZechDZ associated riders.

For crowd-sponsoring:

- We provide crowdfunding campaigns for the ZechDZ team and riders.

- All the proceeds will be used for team activities.

- We will accept refund requests up to 5 days after the completion of a campaign.

Information to cover Japanese commercial sales law

Company Name

Rozek Inc.


1-11-10 Jindaiji Higashi-machi

Chofu, Tokyo, 182-0012


Phone number





Company Representative

Zechariah Kwame Dzegede


Costs for things other than the product for sale

Any costs associated with accessing the site, such as internet services and data rates, are at the customer's expense.

Return・Exchange policy

Limited to unused items, we will accept returns within 7 days of a purchase. The shipping costs will be at the customers expense.


Delivery Period (for crowdfunding)

2020 April


Payment method

Credit card  (through stripe)


Payment Period

Credit card: Dependent on each card company's payment period.


Sale Price (for crowdfunding)

The price shown is the cost to the customer. For tax purposes consumption tax is included, and will not be removed for international customers.

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